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1:1 DHSE/DHSW Video Presentation

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1:1 Technology Overview

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

This is just a friendly reminder that the new 1:1 device program, providing one technology device for every student, will begin in January 2017 for next years 9 th and 10 th grade students at East and West High Schools. This device will be vital to a students performance in the classroom and will offer continual access to online instructional materials and activities provided by classroom teachers. As we move to blended and cyber options for all high school students, a device is essential for these new learning modalities. To meet the goal of preparing students for a globally-competitive, technology-based workplace, the Downingtown School Board has approved a 1:1 laptop initiative to support and to transform learning for students. 

Starting in January 2017, all freshmen and sophomore students must either select a district-loaned laptop or bring a personal device to school. Students who opt into the district-loaned laptop program will be required to pay an annual technology insurance fee (Click here for Technology Insurance Fee attachment ). The annual technology insurance fee covers the districts cost of repairing and/or replacing damaged equipment and provides loaner devices for the student if the district-issued device needs to be sent out for warranty repairs.
Students in grades 11 and 12 at DHS East and DHS West will also have the option to use their own devices while in school. In order to utilize a personal device, all high school students must have a device that meets the approved district requirements (Click here for Device Specification Requirements).The district will NOT provide repair or support for a students personally-owned device. 

Student devices may be purchased at the conclusion of your childs 12th grade year. Devices may be purchased by students who have paid the full technology insurance fee for the device for all 4 years. Starting in the 2017-18 school year, the purchase price for the device will be determined annually in the spring as 6% of the fair market value. Purchased devices will be restored back to factory defaults as part of the purchase process.


Families will make their 1:1 or personal device selection during the beginning of the year InfoSnap Student Demographic Verification & Consent process period in August. Please see the attached FAQ and the district website for more information. The DASD website also contains a recording of the Parent 1:1 Information Meeting (Posted above this letter or Click here).

Paul Hurley
DHSE Principal
Kurt Barker
DHSW Principal